3 Times You Should Have Concrete Lifting Done At Your Home


If you are a homeowner who has concrete surfaces around your property ⁠— such as if you have concrete poured around your swimming pool or if you have a concrete driveway or walkway ⁠— then you might have noticed that the concrete has started to sink over the years. There is a solution for this: concrete lifting. A company that offers concrete lifting and leveling services can help you if you're in one of these situations or if you otherwise think that you need help with concrete lifting.

24 September 2019

Sidewalk Repairs That Prevent Tripping And Improve The Appearance Of Your Property


It's important to keep the sidewalks on your property in good repair so an employee or customer doesn't trip and get hurt. Concrete sidewalks last a long time, but if the soil shifts or tree roots invade, then the concrete can crack, sink, or heave. Here are some repairs you may need to have done to your sidewalks to keep them safe and attractive. Level and Fill Cracks Cracks are a danger for pedestrians because they are tripping hazards.

16 March 2019

DIY Concrete Drilling: It's Not Worth The Risks


Concrete drilling involves much more than taking a drill to the pavement and watching it work. In fact, the process is far more precise, and as a result, comes along with a long list of potential hazards and mistakes. For this reason, it's not recommended that any person without the right level of experience drill on their own. However, if you're not convinced that drilling on your own isn't a good idea, there is plenty of information to help you see otherwise.

18 January 2019

Using Epoxy On Concrete


Epoxy finishes are useful additions to many types of flooring. They are most popularly used as coating for concrete garage floors and warehouses. The great thing about epoxy, when used in these circumstances, is the fact that it is a coat that is both stylish and protective. You can essentially add color to your concrete while also creating a surface that is protective and waterproof. An epoxy floor is going to be much easier to clean because it doesn't absorb liquid.

27 September 2018

3 Tips For Interior Demolition Service


When you are interested in handling some demolition inside of your building, you'll need to give yourself the opportunity to find service from a professional and ensure that it's handled with care. Whether you're looking to fix a building for investment purposes or to just renovate it so that it's clean and comfortable, you'll be taken care of when you handle it properly. To this end, read below so that you have some quality tips that will help you out with your interior design needs.

27 December 2017

How To Keep Up Tile And Grout Floors


As your home ages, you probably look around and see a lot of things you want to upgrade. The floors often the first thing that homeowners invest in. Floor remodeling is extremely smart because it has such a giant impact on the look of any room. Basically, you can redefine the style in a room by installing new flooring material. Tile floors are obviously very attractive and can be functional in any room.

12 December 2017

Three Factors To Know About Gravel Driveways


Your property's driveway is important for minimizing the risks and problems that driving through mud and other substances can cause. Gravel is one of the more common materials to be used in driveways, but individuals will frequently overlook the viability of this common option. As you are evaluating whether or not gravel is a suitable option for providing your property with a driveway, there are several important tips to keep in mind.

4 October 2017

Why You May Find A Concrete Backyard Better When You Have Dogs


If you own dogs then you may initially think that having a nice grass yard for them would be the best and for some, it may be. However, other times it may actually be much easier and better on everyone if you turn your back yard into a concrete one for your dogs. Here are some great examples of why concrete may be better for you and for your dogs:

28 August 2017

Five Uses For Commercial Concrete And Why It's Called Commercial Concrete


Not all concrete is created equal. Some concrete gets the esteemed title and privilege of being "commercial concrete." Commercial concrete serves a number of commercial purposes, ergo the name. The following five uses illustrate the hows and whys of commercial concrete usage. Hospital Floors Hospital floors are constantly being cleaned and sanitized. As such, hospitals cannot have floors that are very porous, or likely to stain from blood. Body tissues should not stick to hospital floors either.

16 August 2017

Concrete Patio Maintenance Tips


Concrete is very durable and looks beautiful used on patios or around pools. You don't have to worry about it rotting away as you do with wooden decks or patios. Concrete does need to be maintained though in order to preserve that beauty. See below for some concrete maintenance tips. Clean It Often Clean your concrete often by sweeping debris off of it that can potentially stain the surface. Concrete is very porous, and therefore, it can stain easily.

27 July 2017