Taking Back the Basement: Waterproofing Your Foundation


The basement in your home may be a great space, but if there is water seeping in through the walls, you need to seal it before you can use it. Converting a basement to usable space is common and a great way to expand the square footage of your home, but if you do not deal with the moisture first, you run the risk of creating a breeding ground for mold, losing furnishings to damage, and ending up with a space that you spent a lot of money on but can never really use.

11 April 2017

Use Concrete To Create A Beautiful Bathroom


There are many different ways that you will be able to update your home, and increase the home value. A very common room to remodel is the bathroom, and for good reason. Remodeling a bathroom gives a lot of character to a home, and it also allows you to make the home much more unique. However, starting a remodel is a tough process because it is hard to decide what exactly you want to do.

5 April 2017

Three Reasons Why Slab Sawing May Be Part of Your Concrete Driveway Project


Whether you are taking a concrete driveway out to put in a new driveway or putting a new concrete driveway in for the first time, your contractor may utilize a process called slab sawing. Slab sawing uses a special circular saw with a massive blade that cuts through concrete and cement. The blade has to be continuously watered so that the friction of the metal blade on the stone slabs does not break the blade or cause the motor of the saw to overheat and explode.

13 March 2017

Tips On Using Ready Mix Concrete For Your Landscaping


Ready mix concrete can be used for your landscaping in many ways, and this is something you can do on your own. Below are some tips on using this concrete and things you should consider using it for. This will allow you to enhance your landscaping and give your home better curb appeal. Tips on Using Ready Mix Concrete When you purchase ready mix concrete, you should purchase more than what you think you will need.

10 March 2017

Learn How To Have An Inherited Home Demolish Quickly And Easily


When you inherit a home that is deemed to be uninhabitable, you have two choices. You can restore the home so that someone can live in it again or you can have it demolished. Restoring a home can be quite expensive and many people do not have ample money to spend on such a project. If you feel that demolishing the house is the best option for you, use the guide that follows to learn a few tips to make the process easier.

3 March 2017

How To Choose And Use The Right Asphalt Repair Materials


When your asphalt driveway or private roadway on your property begin to show their age and wear with oxidation, cracks, and potholes, it is time to make the repairs necessary to keep your asphalt's surface intact. As your asphalt surface is exposed to weather, sunlight, and traffic, it can begin to deteriorate to the point where it will need its entire surface replaced, so take care to repair it as the cracks and holes form.

2 March 2017

2 Innovative Types Of Eco-Friendly Concrete


Concrete is one of the most widely used of all construction materials. Yet unfortunately, it is not exactly one of the most environmentally friendly to produce, since it requires great amounts of energy and water. Not only that, but concrete tends to release a lot of carbon dioxide during its production phase. For all of these reasons, there has been a greater and greater interest in developing eco-friendly varieties of concrete.

1 March 2017