Have Your Driveway Widened If You Have Multiple Cars


If you have multiple cars and no available parking space, it may be time to widen your concrete driveway. You'll be able to get more cars in your driveway and you'll eliminate the need to park on the street. Here's a look at the process of widening a driveway.

Understand Local Codes

You'll have to comply with local codes and HOA regulations if you live in an HOA community. Make sure you're permitted to widen the driveway and find out if you can also widen the access to the street, as this affects how the driveway is designed. A concrete contractor can help you understand local codes and will help you plan the design for your driveway.

Choose The Style For Your Driveway

You might want a circular drive added to your driveway that would give more parking space, or you might want to just widen the driveway you already have. Widening may be the easiest and least expensive option, but consider how many cars you'll have parking at your home and if you need a little extra space for guests, too.

Prepare The New Base

Widening a driveway is the same as installing a new driveway for the first time. The concrete contractor has to start with a base that's been cleared of grass and rocks. Soil and gravel are then added and compacted so that the ground is stable enough to support concrete slabs and cars without shifting.

Build The Frame

A frame is built around the area of your new driveway to hold the concrete in place when it's poured. A frame is made of simple boards that are placed around the sides of the driveway in a way that's straight and level so the concrete slabs will be straight once poured and dry.

Pour The Concrete

Before the concrete is poured, the contractor will likely lay rebar across the soil as extra support. The concrete is then poured on top of the soil and rebar and is held in place by the form until it cures. The concrete can be pumped through a hose so it goes on quickly.

Level The Concrete

Smoothing and leveling the concrete takes a lot of time. This involves moving a hand trowel or trowels on poles across the surface of the concrete to get it level and to remove air pockets before the concrete gets hard.

This process also uncovers holes that can be filled in while the concrete is still easy to form. Towards the end of this work, the trowels are swapped for push brooms that scruff the surface of the concrete so it won't be slick when it rains.

A concrete contractor will let you know how soon you can start parking in the new area of your driveway. It might depend on the weather since the concrete has to dry out and cure before it's ready for the heavy weight of cars. Contact a concrete contractor for more information. 


28 December 2020

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