Sidewalk Repairs That Prevent Tripping And Improve The Appearance Of Your Property


It's important to keep the sidewalks on your property in good repair so an employee or customer doesn't trip and get hurt. Concrete sidewalks last a long time, but if the soil shifts or tree roots invade, then the concrete can crack, sink, or heave. Here are some repairs you may need to have done to your sidewalks to keep them safe and attractive.

Level and Fill Cracks

Cracks are a danger for pedestrians because they are tripping hazards. All it takes is to catch a toe in a crack, and someone can fall, landing on hard concrete can result in serious physical harm.

You can eliminate this risk by having cracks leveled off and filled in. A concrete contractor can saw off parts of the sidewalk that are too high so the surface is level again. It may also be necessary to place filler in the cracks to seal them and prevent further movement by the concrete and to ensure the surface is level and not dangerous.

Raise a Sunken Area

If the soil under a section of the concrete sinks, the sidewalk may sink along with it. This allows water to puddle on the sidewalk when it rains. The uneven nature of the sunken area may also cause someone to trip or lose their balance. Plus, the standing water on the concrete might cause further damage by increasing soil shifting.

One solution for this problem is to have concrete or chemical foam pumped under the sunken area to raise it. The contractor may also look into why the soil shifted. If there's a drainage problem near the sidewalk, that may need to be taken care of so the problem doesn't happen again.

Replace Part of the Sidewalk

If a portion of the sidewalk has a lot of damage due to big tree roots, sinking, or heaving, then the best solution might be to tear out the damaged area by busting up the concrete and then installing a new section of sidewalk from the base up. This gives the contractor a chance to eliminate the root problem, improve drainage, or stabilize the base so it can support a level slab of concrete.

Keeping the sidewalks on your property in good repair and cleaned off reduces the risk of injury, and it also makes your property look better. Since your customers walk along the sidewalk on the way to the entrance of your building, the sidewalk gives them the first impression of your company. If the concrete has cracks or is buried under dirt and weeds, then that may give customers a bad impression of you before they even enter your building. For more information, contact a contracting company such as E &  H  Concrete.


16 March 2019

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