Using Epoxy On Concrete


Epoxy finishes are useful additions to many types of flooring. They are most popularly used as coating for concrete garage floors and warehouses. The great thing about epoxy, when used in these circumstances, is the fact that it is a coat that is both stylish and protective. You can essentially add color to your concrete while also creating a surface that is protective and waterproof. An epoxy floor is going to be much easier to clean because it doesn't absorb liquid. For example, even if you were to spill paint on your epoxy, it could be easily wiped up before it dries without leaving behind any stains. Epoxy is a proven coating option for garages because it is so practical, but can it be used in other circumstances?

In Your Backyard

Some people of have had great success using epoxy in exterior settings. For example, a coat of epoxy on the concrete in your backyard can be very useful. First of all, your surface won't pick up grass and dirt stains as easily. Water will flow off of your epoxy coated concrete, and it should dry quicker.

The main concern people have when using epoxy outside is the color. While most colors used in interior stains are quite bold and bright, there are some more subdued and natural looking colors that can be used on your exterior concrete. It is also is important to point out that epoxy surfaces get very slippery when they are wet. Even though most epoxy finishes do have a little bit of texture to provide some grip, they aren't particularly safe to walk on if the surface is steep and slick.

There also clear epoxy finishes which are great alternative to glazed concrete. Clear epoxy provides the same protection, but it doesn't cover the color of the cement. Many people like the raw gray color of cement. It is simple and classic, so they don't want to mess with it. Of course, epoxy is going to add a little bit of shine to the surface, but it is usually very subtle compared to a glazed finish.

Epoxy finishes are useful and popular for many different concrete surfaces. They don't just need to be confined to garage is and warehouses. You can make any slab of concrete on the outside or inside of your home pop with a coat of epoxy. It is a unique way to update cement. Contact a company, like EZ- Concrete Supply, for more help.


27 September 2018

Use Concrete as a Form of Art

Concrete doesn't have to be boring. In fact it can be absolutely beautiful. My name is Andrea Reese, and I am an artist as well as an avid gardener. I enjoy sculpting and decided to try to combine my two passions to create an incredible backyard oasis. The results are incredible. In this blog, I'll show you how I learned to make small sculptures and etchings in walkways to turn what used to be ordinary concrete into something amazing that adds tremendous artistic flair to the beauty of my garden. You can make visitors to your backyard think they've stepped into a fairy land. I can show you how.