What Makes Terrazzo Flooring A Great Choice For Your Bathroom


If you're looking for a flooring option for your bathroom, you should consider terrazzo floors. These concrete floors are a great addition to any bathroom. These floors are highly waterproof and command attention. Terrazzo floors also come in a wide variety of colors and are sure to make your bathroom sparkle.

What Is Terrazzo Exactly?

Terrazzo style flooring originally hails from Italy, and was traditionally used in government structures and cathedrals. Terrazzo is made from aggregate heavily sprinkled over a layer of wet concrete. This aggregate is usually made from marble, plastic, glass, or mother of pearl. This aggregate gives terrazzo its sparkle.  After the aggregate is sprinkled over the concrete layer, the floor is thoroughly polished. The resulting floors shine and resemble stone tiling.

Terrazzo is simple to put in place and this simplicity also makes it highly customizable. The concrete base layer can be tinted to almost any shade, meaning you can achieve colors that aren't necessarily available in natural stone. You can also set terrazzo in patterns and can also alternate colors if desired. This can give floors a mosaic effect.

It's Resistant

Terrazzo floors are usually nonporous after they've been polished, which makes them a great feature in a bathroom. Due to its nonporous nature, you won't have to worry about water seeping beneath cracked tiles and damaging your subflooring. Also thanks to their nonporous nature, terrazzo floors are also resistant to bacteria. Their bacteria resistance makes these floors an ideal feature in any bathroom.

It's Also Low Maintenance

Another great feature of terrazzo floors is that they're low maintenance. The same nonporous nature that makes terrazzo resistant to moisture and germs also makes terrazzo easy to clean. In most cases, you only need to wipe your floors with soap and water. However, it's important to keep the floors wet until you're finished cleaning. This is so dirty water doesn't leave a residue that dulls the floors.

Terrazzo is also highly durable and rarely needs to be refinished. The only time you would need to refinish terrazzo flooring is if something abrasive is applied to its surface. If this happens, the floor sealer would have to be stripped and then reapplied.

These floors make a great addition to any bathroom. Their water and bacteria resistant nature make them the perfect choice. If you have any questions or concerns about terrazzo floors, speak with your contractor. Installing terrazzo floors isn't something you want to do on your own, and your contractor will help you through the process. For more information, contact a business such as New Interstate Concrete.


26 April 2017

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