Different Solutions To Correct Problems With Cracked Concrete And A Settling Home


The foundation of your home is probably settling in the soil it was built on, unless you have solid bedrock close to the surface of the soil. In most cases, settling happens gradually and will not cause too much of a problem. Sometimes, cracks may develop in concrete, brick and other structural elements of your home. The cracks may be cosmetic, or they may be more serious and lead to structural problems that need to be repaired. Here are some different solutions that will help repair foundation cracks and structural damage of your home:

Poor Soil Conditions and Settling Footings Causing Cracks

The soil that your home was built on can have a lot to do with damage like cracks in foundation walls. As the weight of your home causes the soil to settle, there may be one area that settles more than others. Without proper footings, stress loads cause cracking and other structural damage. You may even see the damage in your home where drywall starts to crack or door frames begin to become warped out of shape.

Soil Erosion That Causes Cracks from Uneven Settling Problems 

Erosion problems are another issue that causes cracks in foundations. In many areas, the terrain has been backfilled. If you do not have the proper structures to hold soils in place, such as retaining walls, cracks may develop. You may want to contact a concrete contractor and talk with them about installing concrete retaining walls that will improve landscaping and prevent erosion may hold backfill in its place.

Static Water Pressure Problems Causing Cracking in Foundation Walls

In homes that have finished basements or partial living space areas below the outside grade level, ground water that drains and filters through the soil near the foundation causes static water pressure. As pressure against foundation walls builds, it can cause cracking that eventually leads to leaks. A concrete wall contractor will be able to help with repairs and improvements to prevent these problems. If you have cracked foundation walls in areas like basements, in addition to repairs to the foundation, make sure you do repairs to the drainage outside your home to reduce the static pressure that causes these types of structural problems.

Cracked concrete and masonry is often more than just an eyesore; sometimes these problems are serious structural issues that call for repairs. Contact a concrete and foundation repair contractor, like one from Burns Brothers Concrete Construction Corporation, to make sure your home does not have these types of structural problems.


19 April 2017

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