Use Concrete To Create A Beautiful Bathroom


There are many different ways that you will be able to update your home, and increase the home value. A very common room to remodel is the bathroom, and for good reason. Remodeling a bathroom gives a lot of character to a home, and it also allows you to make the home much more unique. However, starting a remodel is a tough process because it is hard to decide what exactly you want to do. Something that you should consider is using concrete as a material. When most people think of concrete they think of a sidewalk, but that is not the case at all. Here are a few reasons that you should seriously consider using concrete in your bathroom remodel.


One of the main reasons that a person should consider using concrete in their bathroom is that it is very durable. The material itself is used to create freeways, and if it is good enough to build a freeway, it is sure to be tough enough to handle anything that you can throw at it in the bathroom. When the right seal or stain is put on the concrete it is waterproof and can last a very long time. 


A beautiful aspect of utilizing concrete is the fact that you will be able to create many different designs. When the concrete is pored it starts to set up, when it is almost done setting up, it is perfect for edging and creating designs. A good contractor with an eye for art and design will be able to put almost any type of design in the edge of your concrete. Whether you are going for a rustic look or even a Victorian look, the concrete will be able to be molded into almost anything that you can think of.

Color Options

Concrete does not need to be the gray that everyone thinks it is. Additives can be put into the mix to create almost any color. Also, there are many different stains that are available that can change the color of the concrete. In fact often multiple glossy colors are used to create a beautiful finish on almost any concrete. You are going to have many options and should talk to your contractor, like Velarde Builders Inc., about the vast choices you will have. If you have not considered using concrete as a material for your remodel you definitely need to take a second look at concrete as a building material.  


5 April 2017

Use Concrete as a Form of Art

Concrete doesn't have to be boring. In fact it can be absolutely beautiful. My name is Andrea Reese, and I am an artist as well as an avid gardener. I enjoy sculpting and decided to try to combine my two passions to create an incredible backyard oasis. The results are incredible. In this blog, I'll show you how I learned to make small sculptures and etchings in walkways to turn what used to be ordinary concrete into something amazing that adds tremendous artistic flair to the beauty of my garden. You can make visitors to your backyard think they've stepped into a fairy land. I can show you how.