Three Reasons Why Slab Sawing May Be Part of Your Concrete Driveway Project


Whether you are taking a concrete driveway out to put in a new driveway or putting a new concrete driveway in for the first time, your contractor may utilize a process called slab sawing. Slab sawing uses a special circular saw with a massive blade that cuts through concrete and cement. The blade has to be continuously watered so that the friction of the metal blade on the stone slabs does not break the blade or cause the motor of the saw to overheat and explode. Using such a saw can be very dangerous, but there are some good reasons why your contractor may choose to use this machine.

The Current Concrete Slabs Are Extremely Thick

Sometimes the previous concrete slabs that are poured are poured exceedingly thick. This makes them really difficult to remove when they crack and need to be repaired and/or replaced. Your contractor then brings in the slab saw to cut the really thick slabs into small chunks so that they are easier to lift out and remove.

Your Contractor Is Using Prefabricated Slabs for the New Driveway

To make a new driveway installation quick and easy, a contractor may opt to use prefabricated concrete slabs. These slabs are generally poured in a factory in a mold. They are of a certain size, and shipped together in a stack. Your contractor then uses a slab saw to cut the prefabricated slabs to fit the width and length of your driveway and adheres them in place with a little wet cement. This allows you the ability to drive onto your driveway almost immediately because the slabs are already dried and cured concrete, versus a poured driveway where you would have to wait a few weeks before you can drive onto it.

Slab Sawing Is Faster and Makes Less Mess Than a Jackhammer

Your contractor could use a jackhammer extension on a backhoe, but it makes a lot more noise and a lot more mess. It also takes a lot longer to break up the concrete into smaller, more easily moved chunks, versus cutting it up into pieces with the saw. If you have a smaller driveway, it is also less feasible to use the jackhammer extension as the backhoe vehicle would block the sidewalk and possibly be in the way in the street. The slab saw only takes up a few square feet of space while making short work of the job at hand.

For more information on slab sawing and its uses, talk to a contractor like Concrete Coring Company.


13 March 2017

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