Tips On Using Ready Mix Concrete For Your Landscaping


Ready mix concrete can be used for your landscaping in many ways, and this is something you can do on your own. Below are some tips on using this concrete and things you should consider using it for. This will allow you to enhance your landscaping and give your home better curb appeal.

Tips on Using Ready Mix Concrete

When you purchase ready mix concrete, you should purchase more than what you think you will need. The last thing you want to have happen is to be in the middle of a job and run out of concrete. For example, you may be pouring a small patio and only get half done with it. Once you lay the concrete and it cures, there is no way to remove it without breaking it out, causing a huge mess. If you end up with bags of ready mix concrete that you did not use, you can always use them for other projects in the future.

You should also check the weather, as the day should be sunny and not high in humidity. If the humidity is high, there is more moisture in the air and this moisture will get into the concrete. If you find that it is going to rain in the next few days, put off the project until the weather forecast is better. Have a tarp ready to cover the concrete just in case it does rain.

Ask friends to help you as this will make the process go much quicker. When you pour the concrete, you will have to work fast with brushing and floating, and it can be difficult to do this alone. You can hire help or ask a few friends.  

Ways to Use Ready Mix Concrete

Ready mix concrete can be used to create an edging for your flower garden. An edging will keep weeds out which will help save you a lot of time. An edging also makes the flower garden look much nicer.

You can also use ready mix concrete to create a walkway or a path on your property. You could stain or paint the concrete after it dries to enhance it. If you do not want to make a walkway, you could make stepping stones to use instead. You can purchase stepping stone molds at home improvement stores in many different shapes to create something unique.

If you need help or you find your project becomes too large for you, contact a concrete contractor from a company like R. Pepin & Sons Inc.


10 March 2017

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Concrete doesn't have to be boring. In fact it can be absolutely beautiful. My name is Andrea Reese, and I am an artist as well as an avid gardener. I enjoy sculpting and decided to try to combine my two passions to create an incredible backyard oasis. The results are incredible. In this blog, I'll show you how I learned to make small sculptures and etchings in walkways to turn what used to be ordinary concrete into something amazing that adds tremendous artistic flair to the beauty of my garden. You can make visitors to your backyard think they've stepped into a fairy land. I can show you how.