Concrete Repairs: The Steps Contractors Take To Diagnose And Fix Concrete Parking Lots


If the concrete parking lot at your office building is starting to look shabby, you may want to hire a commercial paving company to come out and repair or replace it. While this can be a big job, the price you will pay will depend on the amount of work needed to make it look good and hold up for years to come. When the concrete contractor arrives, he will examine the surface to determine how severe the problems are, what caused the problems, and the best way to fix them.

Step 1: Determine The Cause Of The Problem

Like most other construction repairs, finding out the cause of a problem is the best way to find the right solution. If a concrete company does not determine what actually caused the concrete to fail, they may be able to fix the surface issues, but they may not end up fixing the root cause. If this happens, the concrete is likely to fail once again.

Concrete is a durable material for parking lots, sidewalks, and driveways, but it requires a good foundation. Concrete is only as good as the ground it is on, which is why the contractor will first examine the surface. The contractor may determine that the concrete failed for one of the following common reasons:

  • Insufficient subgrade and compaction below the concrete
  • Concrete was not thick enough
  • Tree roots growing under the concrete
  • Water surfacing under the concrete
  • Lack of maintenance or problems due to age

Once the contractor is certain of the cause of the problems, he will begin examining the concrete to determine the severity of the issues.

Step 2: Find Out How Severe The Problems Are

Concrete problems can be minor or major. If they are minor, a contractor might be able to use resurfacing techniques to improve its appearance. For major problems, the contractor might recommend ripping out all the old concrete and replacing it with new material. There are also times when the work needed is in between these two extremes.

For minor problems, a contractor will suggest resurfacing the concrete. To do this, he may simply need to remove the top inch of concrete and place a fresh layer on top. In some cases, contractors can make it look nicer simply by cleaning it and placing a thin layer of new concrete over the top. These options are great if the ground below the concrete is sufficient and in good condition.

For repairs larger than this, a concrete company may need to rip out several inches of the concrete or the entire slab. After doing this, the contractor could pour a new slab in place. If the entire slab is not removed, there is a chance the contractor will insert rebar under the concrete to give it extra strength. This is typically done after the concrete is poured and set.

Step 3: Make The Plan For Repairs

Concrete contractors can typically determine exactly what types of repairs are needed simply by examining a concrete surface. Once a plan is created for the repairs, the contractor will give you a quote for the services and will explain what exactly is needed to repair your parking lot.

After the services are completed, you may want to consider hiring the contractor to perform maintenance services on the concrete from time to time. The main type of maintenance needed is concrete sealing. This is done to protect the surface of the concrete, and it also helps waterproof the material.

If you would like to learn more about concrete services, contact a commercial paving contractor. This is a great way to find out how to improve the looks of your concrete parking lot, and you can find out ways to keep your concrete looking good for many years.


13 August 2015

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