3 Places To Improve In Your Backyard By Pouring Concrete


Concrete is a versatile material you can use to build solid foundations, or make landscape edging in your yard. With springtime here, it is a good time to start on your yard improvement projects with some concrete use. Here are three places in your backyard you can pour concrete with a concrete pump truck to improve and make your yard more functional.

Hot Tub Concrete Pad

A hot tub in your backyard is a nice addition that gives you and your family and friends a place to relax, but you first need to provide the right foundation. You cannot place a hot tub right on the ground or grass because any type of uneven surface will cause the hot tub's weight to shift and crack its structure. A hot tub can weigh from 400 to 700 pounds and a 700 pound hot tub can hold around 600 gallons of water, bringing the total weight to 6,000 pounds. So, you need a concrete pad in your backyard to fit the size of your hot tub to give it a strong foundation. 

A hot tub's concrete foundation should be at least four inches thick and be able to hold up to 120 pounds per square foot, but most concrete can hold up to 3,000 pounds per square inch. You can also use metal rebar inside the concrete to reinforce it to support the heavy weight of your hot tub. After you have set the concrete patio forms, lay metal mesh over the surface of the ground inside the forms, then pour your concrete over the mesh. Be sure to let the concrete cure completely before you set your hot tub on it.

Above-Ground Pool Concrete Pad

When you set up an above-ground swimming pool in your backyard, you will need a strong, smooth, and level foundation on which to place it. A four-inch thick concrete patio will provide the strength to hold up the weight of an above-ground pool. Standard concrete is capable of holding the weight of a 18 foot-diameter pool with four feet of water, which would weigh 63,700 pounds.

You also need the concrete foundation to protect the bottom of your pool from getting holes and punctures from any sharp items in the ground. And, the concrete will provide a level surface for your pool. Make sure to prepare and level the ground before you pour the concrete so you will have a level surface for your pool. If your pool is on a sloping concrete surface, the pool water will slope to one end of your pool. 

Chain Link Fence Concrete Curbing

If you have a chain link fence in your front or back yard, you may consider pouring concrete curbing along the base of your entire fence line. A six to eight-inch wide and six-inch deep concrete curb in the ground below your chain link fence can improve your fence in several ways. First, the concrete curbing gives your fence and yard a cleaner and more manicured look.

Concrete curbing under your fence perimeter will also help keep weeds and grass from climbing up and growing inside your fencing. When weeds grow up inside the fence links, it can be hard to pull them all out. As you mow your lawn, you won't need to worry about taking a weed eater to your fence to cut the grass growing around it. 

If you have dogs, you may want to pour concrete curbing along your chain link fence to keep your dogs inside your yard. Dogs love to dig under fencing to escape their yard. Chain link fencing is flexible, which makes it even easier for dogs to dig under and escape the yard. A concrete curb under the chain link fence will prevent your dogs from digging into the ground and make it more difficult for your dogs to squeeze under the fence.

Use these three concrete options in your backyard to make the space better.


20 April 2015

Use Concrete as a Form of Art

Concrete doesn't have to be boring. In fact it can be absolutely beautiful. My name is Andrea Reese, and I am an artist as well as an avid gardener. I enjoy sculpting and decided to try to combine my two passions to create an incredible backyard oasis. The results are incredible. In this blog, I'll show you how I learned to make small sculptures and etchings in walkways to turn what used to be ordinary concrete into something amazing that adds tremendous artistic flair to the beauty of my garden. You can make visitors to your backyard think they've stepped into a fairy land. I can show you how.